The association is registered with the Registrar of Society and operates within the set rules and procedure.

GARRA Objectives

The Objectives of the Association are to enhance the lives of the community by recreating, improving and maintaining the environment within its operational boundaries as set out in the map and schedule annexed hereto; by among others, carrying out the following;

  1. Liaising with and assisting the government, law enforcement officers and other security agencies in monitoring, organizing and maintaining security within the area.
  2. Liaising with and assisting the government, Nairobi City County and the private sector, in the proper upkeep and maintenance of the road infrastructure within the area.
  3. Liaising with and assisting the government, Nairobi City County and the private sector, in provision of adequate clean water supplies to members in the area
  4. Liaising with and assisting Kenya Power and Lighting Company in the provision of adequate electrical power for domestic use and street lighting
  5. Liaising with and assisting Nairobi City County in the collection and disposal of, domestic refuse and environmental garbage
  6. Organizing communal transport of members to and from designated points in the city and its environs, should the Association find this necessary.
  7. Carrying out practical and educational activities towards the improvement and maintenance of high environment standards in the Association’s area of jurisdiction.
  8. Liaising with and assisting the Government and local Authority in the management, upkeep, and safe guarding of public utility land and any other development thereon, towards ensuring that the area is developed in accordance with the long term wishes of its members.
  9. Organizing and executing all such things those are, or may be incidental or conducive to the attainment of the objectives of the Association.
  10. Liaising with other Associations or organizing having similar objectives and purpose, for the better realization of their objectives.
  11. The Association shall be non-political, non-racial and non-secular.