The association is registered with the Registrar of Society and operates within the set rules and procedure.

News and Updates

Update 1:  Kazi mtaani youths are clearing bushes around GARRA roads. This should help improve security and the general appearance of the area.

Update 2: GARRA membership renewal ongoing, members should check emails for invoices and payment details. Clean up of all GARRA WhatsApp platforms to commence after 7th March 2022, unpaid up members risk removal.

Update 3: Increased risks of muggings and robberies happening to joggers. Joggers advised to walk/jog in small organized groups. Members advised to invest in security mechanisms that should act as deterrent to petty thieves.

Update 4: Member’s are advised to check their status on land rates and  those who haven’t paid yet to pay before 31st of march at the following offices: KRA, Times Tower and City hall.