The association is registered with the Registrar of Society and operates within the set rules and procedure.


This sector deals with roads repair, rehabilitation, construction and street lighting.

Sub-County Engineer: Daniel Kamau
Contact: 0722601269

This sector is responsible for collection of garbage, tree planting and other environmental relations.

Sub-county Environment Officer: Christine Kivuva
Contact: 0720296539

This sector deals with regularization of property, approval of buildings, Urban renewal and regeneration of old housing.

Sub-county Planning Officer: Duncan Nasengo
Contact: 0723155062

This is the sector that deals with education [ECD] and vocational training, issues of street families.

Sub-county Social Services Officer: Dorris Ntinyari
Contact: 0720357510

This sector deals with Nairobi City County employee relations both internally and externally.

Sub-county Human Resource Officer: Ann Macharia
Contact: 0722843747

This sector deals with policy budget revenue and expenditure.

Sub-county Finance Officer: David Gatete
Contact: 0722492385

This sector deals with all the city markets in Nairobi single business permits and Liquor licensing.

Sub-county Licensing Officer: Awadh Mafooh
Contact: 0721596686

Sub-county Cooperative Officer: Francis Njau
Contact: 0722760926

This sector handles all the county health installations.

Sub-county Public Health Officer: Onesmus Nzamba
Contact: 0721652380

This sector is in charge of ICT in the county and all online payment.

Chief Officer: Peter Mukenya

This sector is in charge of agriculture [crops] livestock development veterinary services and fisheries. This includes fish farming animal vaccinations poultry and animal slaughter houses.

Sub-county Agriculture Officer: John Ndungu
Contact: 0710505461

Sub-county Livestock Officer: Ronald Sifuma
Contact: 0722459978

Sub-county Fisheries Officer: Edward Otieno
Contact: 0718987694.

Sub-county Veterinary Officer: Sophie Kimani
Contact: 0723938967

Provision of Security and Enforcement in the Sub County which includes removal of illegal structures.

Sub-county Commander: Shadrach Matano
Contact: 0708633425

Sub-county Compliance Officer: Casper Mabeya
Contact: 0722273969